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Minerva Schools at KGI

Minerva Schools at KGI is an American-accredited university that provides an extraordinary liberal arts and sciences education to top students around the world. Minerva offers an innovative undergraduate program that combines world travel with rigorous, interdisciplinary study. Minerva also has the most globally diverse student body of any university program, with 78% of our students coming from outside the United States.

Instead of being sequestered on an isolated campus, Minerva students move around the globe in cohorts and live together in residence halls situated in seven of the greatest cities for a truly immersive global experience. The seven city locations are: San Francisco, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Seoul, Hyderabad, London, and Taipei.

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Generous financial aid and diverse international student body
Minerva believes in attracting and educating the best students across the world, regardless of financial situation. Minerva is need blind for international students, which means that applying for financial aid will not impact your admission decision in any way. As a result Minerva has an incredibly globally diverse student body. Minerva attracts top students from not just US but also Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa. In fact, 78% of our students come from outside the United States. Read about our diverse student community.

Minerva offers generous, need-based financial aid for all students who are accepted into Minerva, regardless of nationality. All international and U.S.-based students are eligible to apply for aid along with your application to Minerva. Applicants who are admitted will receive a financial aid package commensurate with their demonstrated financial need. To be considered for financial aid, first complete your application to Minerva and then apply for financial aid following the steps on our Financial Aid website here.

Innovative, future-focused curriculum
Together with a diverse group of intellectually curious, international students, you will develop skills and experiences to be successful in a dynamic, global future.

No Lectures Policy
Unlike the passive lectures at most universities, all Minerva classes take place in small interactive seminars. Top professors lead students through lively discussion, intensive debate, and collaborative work sessions. This active learning approach is designed to stimulate deep cognition, enhancing your understanding of course material and furthering your ability to apply concepts to unfamiliar situations in novel ways. Minerva specifically designed its own online seminar platform, the Active Learning Forum, to complement this philosophy. Watch this video explaining the ALF in-depth to learn more about its functions and features:

Four-Year Curriculum
At other top universities, the curriculum is either unstructured or rigidly defined and focused on disseminating information. Minerva’s four-year curriculum is expressly designed to balance breadth of understanding with depth of expertise. Your coursework is structured to allow both broad exploration and increasing specialization.

After the first-year Cornerstone courses, which are wholly interdisciplinary, every term is progressively more focused. In your second year, you will work with your academic advisor to explore and then select a major, setting the direction for the major core courses you need to complete your degree. Your focus continues to narrow in year three when you select a concentration within your major. The concentrations, which enable more directed work in your chosen field, are more analogous to the majors found at other universities. However, unlike those narrow specializations, at Minerva, you learn practical knowledge that can be applied across each major field and to emergent categories within them.

Your final year at Minerva centers on completing your self-directed Capstone project. By envisioning, planning, and producing an integrated application of your skills and interests, you are able to create something that is both personally compelling and truly novel to your field. Whether you choose to write an original screenplay, the code for a disruptive technology, or the business plan for a bold social venture, the idea and implementation are yours to lead. The key requirement is that it be a distinctive concept with practical significance to the world. Learn more about our innovative four-year curriculum here.
Bachelor of Science: Computational Sciences
Minerva's B.S. in Computational Sciences enables students to make sense of natural, human-mediated and social phenomena through analytics, computational methods and modeling. Students will be able to make sense of data to make better decisions and be able to leverage on computing technologies to scale up their impact. After gaining a foundation in algorithms and the various mathematical and computational models that underlie computer science, students will choose one of 18 concentrations, which will lead to careers such as being a data scientist or a financial forecaster.
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Computer science and artificial intelligence lie at the core of an ever-increasing number of critical technologies, products and services. Students choosing the CAI concentration will be equipped to understand, design and manage these technologies, products and services. This concentration prepares students for careers such as being a financial forecaster, a software developer or an information officer.
Mathematics and Operations Research Mathematics and operations research are, and will remain, key disciplines for analyzing and addressing complex problems. Students choosing the MOR concentration will be able to understand and appropriately apply methods and techniques from these disciplines. This concentration prepares students for careers such as being a high-tech entrepreneur, a product designer or a game developer.
Data Science and Statistics Data science and advanced statistical analysis are quickly becoming key enablers of economic success. Students choosing the DSS concentration will be able to analyze, design and exploit the methodological infrastructure and technologies required to deal with and effectively interpret massive amounts of data. This concentration prepares students for careers such as being a corporate data manager, an analytics officer or a statistician.
Computational Theory and Analysis Theory and analysis are at the heart of computational sciences. Students choosing the CTA concentration will understand foundational theory and appropriately apply deep analytic methods and techniques from computational disciplines. This concentration prepares students for careers such as being a cryptanalyst, a mathematician or a systems analyst.
Contemporary Knowledge Discovery Computational scientists seek to identify emergent patterns, use those patterns to define structure, and analyze the results. Students choosing the CKD concentration will specialize in this process, applying computational and quantitative methods to discover structure in the world around us. This concentration prepares students for careers such as being a consumer demand forecaster, an information officer or a decision scientist.
Applied Problem Solving The 21st Century faces many daunting problems that can be mitigated by applying computational and quantitative methods. Students choosing the APS concentration will specialize in applying computational and quantitative methods to characterize in detail, and devise tractable approaches to solving, some of the world's most challenging problems. This concentration prepares students for careers such as being a corporate strategist, a software developer or a product designer.
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