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National University of Singapore

Founded in 1905 as a medical school, the National University of Singapore (NUS) has evolved from humble beginnings to become a leading university in the Asia-Pacific region. An NUS education is comparable to some of the best programmes at top universities globally. Built on a tradition of excellence, NUS is developing global standing for its multi-disciplinary education and research. Our programmes are characterised by entrepreneurial and global dimensions, for vitality and relevance in today’s knowledge driven economy.

Science & Technology Undergraduate Scholarship (2016-2017)


The Science & Technology Undergraduate Scholarship is awarded to outstanding full-time undergraduate freshmen in the National University of Singapore (NUS), of Asian nationality. Singapore citizens are ineligible for this scholarship.

Candidates will be considered and shortlisted for interviews through their application for admission to NUS. No separate scholarship application is required.

Terms & conditions

•The scholarship covers the following: ◦tuition fees and all compulsory fees.
◦a one-off settling-in allowance of S$200.
◦accommodation allowance (pegged to the lowest double room rate for on-campus accommodation).
◦an annual living allowance of S$6,000. The scholarship is tenable for the minimum period of candidature for the respective undergraduate course at NUS.
◦One-way air passage from home country to Singapore at the beginning of the course of study and two-way air passage upon completion of the course of study.

•Scholars are required to serve a six-year bond with a Singapore-registered company.

•The scholarship is tenable for undergraduate studies in Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computing (Computer Science Courses), Computing (Information System Courses), Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Engineering Science, Environmental Engineering, Industrial & Systems Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Science (excluding Pharmacy).

•Recipients of the scholarship may not concurrently hold any other scholarship, fellowship, grant or award.

•The University does not guarantee its scholars employment opportunities upon their graduation.

•The scholarship covers the entire duration of undergraduate studies on condition that scholars maintain at least a 'B' average. The academic performance of the scholars is monitored every semester.

•If a scholar decides to terminate the scholarship prematurely, the scholar is liable to repay the liquidated damages with 10% compound interest.

Deadline: Closed for this cycle