Our People Share

Amarnath Ramachandran
Vice President, Product Engineering
LeeBoy India

"My career with LeeBoy India and ST Kinetics has been an enjoyable roller coaster ride filled with the usual challenges of a Greenfield project. This has given me an opportunity to be part of a cross functional team which has to engineer, build, sell and service state-of-the-art construction equipment and to create a strong culture of engineering excellence within the organization. I immensely enjoy interacting with my colleagues at work, our counterparts in the US, Singapore and China and look forward to working together with them as LeeBoy India moves on its ambitious and unstoppable charted growth path."

Christopher Burdick
Vice President
VT iDirect

"I started with VT iDirect in 2000 and have had the great pleasure of experiencing a varied career as the company went through multiple phases of business and technical evolution. I have had many opportunities to partner with the management and colleagues in Singapore over the years and it has been an invaluable experience. I am looking forward to the exciting challenges ahead!"

Gerald Dyck
Director of Engineering
Kinetics Drive Solutions Inc.

"Working within one of the many business units of ST Engineering, I have been given significant opportunities to grow my career through many unique and diverse roles. Each of the roles that I have participated in has allowed me to gain knowledge and skills in specific areas through company supported training. I have experienced support at all levels within the company to use forward-creative thinking while solving problems for each unique customer. I value being part of ST Engineering that operates both locally and globally."

Han Weimin
Director, Production
Shanghai Technologies Aerospace Co Ltd (STARCO)

"I am part of the pioneer team who joined STARCO and the past 7 years have been an amazing journey! The success of the team is attributed to having a clear vision and constantly challenging ourselves. We have an innovative culture that has enabled us to differentiate ourselves and maintain the competitive edge. That explains how we are able to deliver value to our customers and stakeholders. I am very happy working with my colleagues. We learn a lot from each other to better ourselves and together we grow STARCO."

Matthew V. Sendak
Manager (Test Engineering)
VT Miltope

"VT Miltope affords our employees challenges and experiences that contribute to ST Engineering's global footprint. This gives us an opportunity to grow on an international scale with ST Engineering's unique training opportunities, cutting-edge technology, and the best customers anyone could ask for."

Tan Min Yan
Senior Engineer,
ST Electronics

"The dynamic environment at ST Engineering spurs employees to work hard. But it is not just work. Recognising the importance of work life balance, the management has supported initiatives like "eat with your family" day and organised fun-filled recreational activities. This balance helps to enhance productivity and happiness amongst the staff. It makes the environment conducive for developing a satisfying career."

Qu Weiqiang
Manager – PIS Department
ST Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

"ST Engineering has an innovative and open working culture. Since I joined 8 years ago, I have never stopped growing. I have benefited from the sharing of rich experiences by my supervisor and colleagues. I am happy to be able to expand our business in China and the various overseas markets together with our team."

Principal Engineer,
ST Kinetics

“With its global presence, the company offers plenty of opportunities for employees to work locally and overseas. My work constantly exposes me to a wide range of advanced technologies and innovations within the industry. Being able to create and harness technologies to provide innovative solutions has made my life at ST Engineering dynamic and exciting.”

Tan Yen Ping 
Senior Manager (Program Development), 
ST Aerospace

“My job exposes me to customers who have diverse requirements for their different projects. The challenges I face have enriched my life and work, and have helped me to develop and grow professionally. I appreciate and value the support within the company. Here we learn and grow as a team, support each other through challenges and celebrate successes as a team. I am glad to be part of the ST Engineering family.”