Work versus Life? We don’t see the compromise. NatSteel has won the Work-Life Excellence Award four times consecutively since 2004. This is testament to NatSteel’s commitment to work life harmony.

We’d prefer if you find out for yourself, but you can also hear it from our scholars and study awardees:

“Each day is different from the next… it is simply exhilarating. My job exposes me to an array of clients who have diverse requirements for their different projects. The challenges I face have given me new insights to life and work, and have helped me grow professionally”
Name: Jeffrey Ng
Attained: BEng in Civil Engineering from NUS
Now: Assistant Vice President, Commercial
“The principles of a company are very important factors to me. Who signs a four-year bond with a company you cannot connect with? NatSteel is steeped with important values. They value family, relationships between colleagues, work-life balance, and learning. I could see that NatSteel truly cares about its employees and I saw it as a family I could join.”
Name: Tan Jo
Attained: BEng in Mechancial Engineering from NUS
Now: Lead Engineer, NatSteel Recycling

“Coming back for internships while I am in University is exciting as I get rotated around various departments to understand the different aspects of the business. The knowledge gained comes in really handy when I need to select company case studies to relate back to my school projects. I can just use NatSteel as a real life example for the project instead of starting on ground Zero for an unknown company.”
Name: Tan Yuan Chyi
Attained: Bacc in Accountancy from SMU
Now: : Executive, CEO’s Office

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