Scholarship FAQs

1 Application and Selection Process

  1.1 When can I start applying for the
Undergraduate Scholarship?

The early cycle application will open in early October and close on 31 October. Alternatively, you may apply through the main cycle which opens after the GCE 'A' Level examinations end and closes two weeks after the release of your GCE ‘A’ Level results.
  1.2 What do I need to submit for my application
in the early cycle?

You can use your preliminary results if available or predicted ‘A’ Level/IB Programme results. Guys (with NS) may prefer to apply during the early cycle.
  1.3 What are the scholarship eligibility criteria?
You should have excellent grades in your GCE ‘A’ Level subjects and a minimum of 10 academic units. For students in the IB programme, you will need to obtain a minimum score of 39 points. For polytechnic graduates, the requirement is Diploma with Merit.

You should also have excellent CCA track record and leadership potential as well. We will also consider students with foreign language capabilities.
  1.4 When is the selection process?
If you apply through the early cycle by 31 October, we will begin interviewing candidates at the end of the year, towards the end of the GCE ‘A’ Level examinations.

If you apply after the release of the GCE ‘A’ Level results through the main cycle, the selection process will start in March and end in May.
  1.5 What is the selection process like?
There are four rounds in the selection process consisting of psychometric test, preliminary interview with the scholarship officer, one-day Assessment Centre and an interview with senior management.
  1.6 If I am going for my National Service (NS),
do I apply after I have received my GCE ‘A’ Level
results or after I have completed NS?

You can apply through the early or main cycle. However, note that you can only attend the interviews during your NS block-leave periods between May and July if you are enlisted. Hence, we recommend that you apply in the early cycle before your NS enlistment or else you can also consider applying when you are about to complete your NS when it is easier for you to apply for leave. If you are successful in your application, an offer will be made to you. Upon accepting our offer, we will hold the scholarship for you until you have completed your NS.


2 Courses/University

  2.1 What courses does IE Singapore support?
We support all disciplines except Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Law and Architecture.
  2.2 What about a Master's degree?
IE Singapore supports its scholars up to a Master's degree. This is subject to approval and the scholar's academic performance.
  2.3 Is there a list of approved universities that
I should apply to?

We do not stipulate a list of approved universities but the general guideline is that the university must be amongst the top for the related field of study you intend to pursue.
3 Fees & Financial Matters
  3.1 What does the scholarship cover?
The scholarship is a full scholarship and covers all tuition fees, living allowance, pre-studies allowance, return airfares and other miscellaneous expenses.
  3.2 Will IE Singapore reimburse the costs incurred in
preparation for pre-admission tests e.g. SAT I,
SAT II, university applications etc?

Upon successfully being awarded a scholarship, we will reimburse you for all the above costs with proof of original receipts. We reimburse up to three university applications (including the university you will be enrolled in), in addition to SAT I and SAT II.
  3.3 How long is the bond?
Scholars pursuing their undergraduate studies in the US and UK have a six-year bond. Scholars pursuing their undergraduate studies in non-English speaking countries (e.g. France, Germany, Japan or China) have a five-year bond. Scholars pursuing their undergraduate studies at local universities in Singapore will serve a 4-year bond.
4 Career Opportunities
  4.1 What are the career opportunities available when
I return from my studies and start work?

At IE, our people will have opportunities for a global career.

Scholars will get to intern in IE Singapore including our 39 overseas centres worldwide. Upon graduation, you will be deployed to our trade groups, industry cluster groups or Enterprise Partnership Group. You will also have the opportunity to be posted to an overseas centre for three years.