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MAS Undergraduate Scholarship (2012-2013)
Shine with one scholarship

The MAS Undergraduate Scholarship is a prestigious award that gives the most outstanding individuals the opportunity to pursue their dreams at the world's best universities. And promises them a career dedicated to solving some of Singapore's most challenging problems.

Embark on a rewarding career with a unique, influential organisation at the forefront of the ever-changing financial landscape, and shape the financial markets of tomorrow. All with one prestigious award.

The Candidate

Academic criteria

MAS Undergraduate Scholarship
If you are an A-Level candidate, you should offer at least 11 academic units. Students offering 10 academic units and with outstanding track records may be considered. All candidates are given equal consideration regardless of the subjects they have taken. The scholarship is also open to Polytechnic students and students who are taking the International Baccalaureate. Students must have obtained at least 36 points from the IB program to be considered.


You should be an all-rounder who have excelled in both academic and non-academic pursuits. A go-getter, you would have demonstrated excellent leadership capabilities either in your CCAs or in activities outside of school.


The scholarship is open to Singapore Citizens, and foreigners and Singapore Permanent Residents who will undertake to obtain Singapore citizenship.

To find out more about what it takes to be part of the MAS team, click here.

What the MAS Scholarship offers

The scholarship is tenable for 4 years of study in any discipline (with the exception of Medicine, Dentistry and Architecture) at any reputable university, in Singapore or overseas – from the United States and United Kingdom to Japan, China, Germany, India. Language courses are supported if they earn credits that count toward the final degree.

Value of Award

Overseas Award:

- Return airfare
- Tuition and other approved fees
- Maintenance Allowances (incl. book allowance)
- Pre-studies Allowances
- Sponsorship of Exchange Programme / Study Abroad Programme / Summer School (if requirements are met)
- Sponsorship of Masters degree (if requirements are met)
- 8 weeks internship during 2nd year of U/G studies

Local Award:

- Tuition and other approved fees
- Maintenance Allowances (incl. book allowance)
- Pre-studies Allowances
- Hostel Allowance
- Sponsorship of Exchange Programme / Study Abroad Programme / Special Term (if requirements are met)
- Sponsorship of Masters degree (if requirements are met)
- 8 weeks internship during 2nd year of U/G studies


We may sponsor you for postgraduate studies after your undergraduate degree. The decision depends on a combination of factors such as your academic results, chosen field for further studies and your academic inclinations.

We strongly believe that you should make the most of your 4 years in university to gain a myriad of experiences that will prepare you well for the working world. The scholarship comes with an 8-week internship with MAS where you will be assigned a project in a specific department which will enable you to feel the pulse of the organisation. We are also very supportive of our scholars who bring their explorations beyond textbooks and their universities. From spending a term abroad and immersing in another culture, to interning with private sector organisations to gain exposure to the dynamic world of finance – we encourage our scholars to broaden their horizons.


Upon completing your undergraduate studies, you will be placed in one functional area within MAS, where you will receive comprehensive training and build greater depth of knowledge and skills. Job rotation is possible after two or three years of service in a specific department to provide you with a well-rounded career in MAS.

Application Process

If you wish to be considered in the provisional selection exercise, you should submit your application in September. You can submit your application using your preliminary examination results. You do not need to secure a place before applying for the scholarship, but you should indicate your choice of universities and courses in the application.

Scholarship offers made at the end of the provisional exercise will be conditional upon candidates' meeting our academic requirements in the final examinations. You may be considered in the main exercise (in March) if you are not shortlisted in the provisional exercise.

Shortlisted applicants will go through four stages of assessments: (1) essay writing and psychometric test; (2) panel interview; (3) group discussion and psychometric test; and (4) interview with management members.

Take the first step to realising your dreams

If you have what it takes and the passion to shape Singapore's economic and financial development, you may very well be who we are looking for. Apply Now for the MAS Scholarship!

Application is open from 1st to 30th September for Provisional cycle, and 1st Jan to 10 calendar days after the release of the GCE A Level results for the main cycle. We encourage you to submit your application early so that we can arrange to meet with you at an earlier date.
* Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.
Deadline: 18 Mar 2013, Mon