Sponsor Agency - you apply for a FIREfly scholarship, stating the agency you are most interested in working with. In the application form, you would be asked to rank your agency of preference. Please think through carefully your career aspirations, personality, area of study and the agency you would like to be working in - then, indicate your preference. All applications would be processed centrally by a FIREfly scholarship committee. At the point of offer, you would be assigned your sponsor agency based on your stated preference and our assessment of the best fit for you. Upon completion of your studies, you will embark on your career and serving of bond with your sponsor agency,

Academic Disciplines - you could choose to do a degree programme in Engineering, Applied Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Economics, International Relations, Hospitality and Travel Industry Management, Real Estate, Business Administration, Law and any other courses relevant to the FIREfly agencies. You would be sent to any of the top universities in USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Japan, China, India and Singapore.

Undergraduate to Postgraduate - the sponsorship would adequately cover your undergraduate studies. If you perform very well, you could look forward to further sponsorship for postgraduate studies

Broad Exposure - you would gain broad exposure through the exchange and internship programmes that would be part of the scholarship arrangements. Examples would be - taking an undergraduate degree in the US, and going on a 6 months exchange programme to Italy; or taking a dual degree programme, whereby you complete an undergraduate in USA or Europe and Masters in China.

Flexibility - you will have the flexibility in structuring your academic studies. With your sponsor agency's approval, you could choose to do double degree combinations (example, Economics and Political Science double degrees) Major and Minor combinations (example, Chemical Engineering major and Economics minor), Major and Foreign Language combinations (example, Mechanical Engineering degree, with a French language minor).

Foreign language - you would be urged to take up a foreign language course while at the university. You could choose to become proficient in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Hindi, Bahasa Indonesia or any other language relevant to the business needs of the FIREfly agencies.

Upon graduation and return to your sponsor agency, you may be considered for secondment, e.g. to other FIREfly agencies and rotation, overseas posting and international internships based on your performance, career aspirations and organisational needs.

Overseas Posting - you could look forward to overseas postings as Centre Directors to North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

International Internships - you could also be considered for international internships, including staff internships in world-class MNCs, research institutes or government corporations lasting between 3 to 9 months.