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We often get asked what a typical day in EDB looks like, and many are surprised to learn that there is no typical day.

Read on to find out more!

What We Do

The world economy is increasingly volatile, uncertain and the pace of change is ever swift. EDB plays a vital role in charting the direction, growth and transformation of our industries, in order to ensure Singapore continues to remain competitive and well positioned to take advantage of potential economic opportunities for the future.

At EDB, your dreams have the power to shape and transform industries and bring economic benefits to Singapore and Singaporeans. You will be empowered to contribute to the development of the industry strategy; dreaming of possibilities - new industries and capabilities that Singapore could potentially gain a competitive advantage in - or designing and delivering solutions to transform and deepen our capabilities in existing industries, which could take Singapore to the next frontier of development.

You will start your career as a Senior Officer in our industry division, where you will have the unique opportunity to meet with key decision makers and industry leaders, partnering with them to identify new businesses opportunities in Singapore.

You will also facilitate project implementation and cultivate long-term relationships to set these companies up for success, in part ensuring Singapore’s global competitiveness.

Over the past two years, EDB has given me opportunities to engage with stakeholders from a variety of industries ranging from Internet companies, to consumer electronics, and to even chemicals companies on Jurong Island. The breadth of work has been extraordinarily wide-ranging, including client pitches, deal structuring and negotiations, identification of emerging growth areas (e.g. augmented reality, artificial intelligence) and the development of company and industry strategies.

Beyond the learning experience, what I have enjoyed the most about EDB is the autonomy that every young officer gets to drive the changes that they believe are beneficial to Singapore. EDB is one of the few employers where fresh graduates have the support of senior management to push their bold ideas through. Nothing is more satisfying than watching your idea turn to reality, and making a tangible impact on the lives of everyone else.

Crystalbel Foo
Senior Officer, Infocomms & Media

Career Development

EDB is committed to the development of every talent towards achieving their fullest potential.

Upon embarking your career with EDB, you will join the EDB Associate Programme that is designed for you to learn the requisite skills and prepare you for success. Once you complete the one-year Programme, you will be able to join one of our industry development clusters in strategizing and implementing industry plans and capability development initiatives, and forging key partnerships with companies and government agencies for Singapore economic success.

Your EDB journey will be enriched with the necessary training and mentorship from peers and the management. EDB is also supportive of our officers to undertake challenging assignments that can include overseas postings in one of EDB global offices.

In EDB, we believe in collaboration. From the first day in EDB, look forward to having limitless learning experiences and receiving mentorship from the management and your peers throughout your career with us.

EDB Culture

Team EDB is dynamic and cohesive. We thrive in collaboration and are bold in dreaming big, charting strategies to drive real change in the Singapore economy and lives of Singaporeans.

Yet, it is not all work and no play at EDB!

We welcome and encourage diversity of interests, where you will find many like-minded colleagues enthused in various recreational activities and interests outside of work. Sports fanatics can join our sporting communities in running, yoga, dragon boat, basketball, badminton and soccer. 

Although we work hard, it’s great that we also take the time to have fun together. In my first year in EDB, I took part in our annual Dinner & Dance’s dance performance. Learning the different dance styles was challenging – hip-hop, jive, popping and locking, but I had so much fun practising and knowing my fellow dance-mates, and eventually performing on the day itself!

Joshua Lui
Senior Officer, Electronics