Central Provident Fund Board (CPF Board)

Headstart in the Public Service

If you want a head-start in your career and are looking for a vacation job that will give you a role in enabling Singaporeans’ secure retirement, the CPF Board internship is what you are looking for.

We offer internships of eight weeks or more which give you first-hand experience and challenging opportunities. With our diverse business, there is surely a place for you!

If you have consistently good grades and are eager to learn, we welcome your application. Send your resume to

Testimonial from CPF Board Scholar, Kuah Qing Yun, Assistant Manager (Policy)

CPF Board Full-Term Local Undergraduate Scholarship
(Application period from 1 Jan 2017 to 12 Mar 2017)

CPF Board Mid-Term Local Undergraduate Scholarship
(Application period from 1 Jul 2017 to 30 Sep 2017)